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HDTV FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between Digital TV and HDTV?
First HDTV is Digital TV, but that does not necessarily mean all digital TV is HDTV or in High Definition. Digital television has been out long before HDTV and was in the same resolution as a normal analog signal you can receive over your TV antenna but without all the "ghosting" and "snow". HDTV is digital television at a much high resolution, displaying a much more detailed video image.

What will I need to purchase before I can watch HDTV?
First you will need an HDTV monitor or television set. And if that set does not have a built in HDTV tuner so you can receive "over-the-air" HDTV signals from your local channels, you will need external tuner, or "set-top box" from your cable or satellite company. If you want to be able to listen to full Dolby or digital 5.1+ surround sound you will also need a Home Theater Audio System.

When broadcasters start broadcasting digital and HDTV signals only, will I need to throw out my old TV sets?
The answer is no. With a set-top box you will always be able to receive digital and even HDTV signals that will output to your lower resolution analog television set. However, the quality of the image will not be as clear and detailed as when displayed on a true HDTV set.

What type of HDTV programming can I receive?
This depends on how many and what stations are broadcasting in your area or who your cable or satellite company is offering. Most local TV stations in major cities are now broadcasting in both analog and HDTV. However, some stations only broadcast a full HDTV program during prime time. Most of today's cable companies are offering several channels on their lineup that are in full HDTV including many premium move channels.

Do I have to subscribe to cable or install a satellite dish to watch HDTV?
This really depends on your area and how many local TV stations are now broadcasting HDTV. If your local TV station is now broadcasting in HDTV you should be able to receive those signals over the air directly to your HDTV set. If your television set doe not have a built in HDTV tuner, you will need to use an external receiver to pick up those signals.

Can I use my current VCR, DVD player and video games on my new HDTV?
Yes. All your current components and devices, should work perfectly on your new TV. All HDTVs should have all the type of inputs these devices will need. Depending on the number of devices you have, you may consider an HDTV model with enough inputs so you do not have to use any external switch box.



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