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DLP Rear Projection HDTV

One of the latest and in my opinion best HDTV technology is DLP Projection. Similar to LCD projection technology, the image is displayed on a chip and then projected onto the screen. However; unlike their LCD counterparts, the DLP chip uses tiny mirrors for every pixel. This device is called a DMD or Digital Micro-mirror Device. The video image is displayed on this chip and the micro-mirrors will tilt or move rapidly as frames of the video change. These fast moving tiny mirrors produce what is called the grayscale part of the image. A high-speed color wheel is then reflected off these mirrors through a high powered light source and lens to create the full color image on the screen. This whole process generates, in my opinion the best image of all current HDTVs other than direct view LCD or Plasma sets.

The main advantage of DLP technology over LCD projection is much better color accuracy with "no screen door effect" due to its micro-mirror technology that produces a higher contrast. However; LCDs due tend to be brighter but you will notice the image will look more "smooth", similar to the effect of a CRT but at a much higher resolution and detail. This is why in my opinion, DLP is the clear winner when it comes displaying the best quality projected HDTV picture.

However, DLP does have a disadvantage over LCD or CRT projection technology. A DLP Rear Projection television set can show an effect called "the rainbow effect". Which basically means that if you move your head or eyes rapidly while viewing a video image, you may notice a rainbow like effect around the edge of the screen. However; this does not occur often, and depends on the person viewing the image. Some people will not notice this effect at all but others may see it on every DLP set they view.

Like LCD, DLP is a pure digital pixel based device and are mean't to be displayed at their native resolution, which is usually at least 1280x720 pixels. Which means it will not display a perfect image when viewing lower resolutions broadcasts such as normal analog television. However, if your video source is an EDTV DVD player or a pure HDTV Tuner, then you will be amazed by the quality of the image.

Although, not as expensive as LCD flat panels or plasma HDTVs, DLP Rear Projection HDTVs due tend to be more costly compared to other rear projection televisions. They are as thin and lighter as LCD Rear Projection sets but do cost about 10-25% more. But, if you can afford this extra cost and want the best video image at large screen sizes, this is the HDTV for you.

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What to look for when purchasing a DLP Projection HDTV

When shopping for a DLP based HDTV, there are few features or specs you will want to look for. These are as follows:

  • HD Tuner Built In - This is a large benefit if you would like to pick up the HDTV signals off the air from your local broadcasters. However, if you will be using a cable or satellite provider, this may not be needed or required for you..
  • Downgrading Capability - Like LCD chips, DLP chips are pure digital and can display undesired images when displaying video from a lower resolution. You may want to consider a model with an advanced up conversion ability. This may be called Analog to Near HDTV technology.
  • Multiple Inputs - As with any HDTV you will want plenty of inputs for all your devices. There is nothing more disturbing then setting up your new television to find you you do not have enough inputs for all your devices. Look for sets with at least 2 HDMI inputs.
  • Audio System - Since one great feature of HDTV is 5.1 digital surround sound audio. You will want a model that has an advanced audio feature set. However; if you are going to also purchase a home theater sound system, this will probably not be important to you.
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