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HDTV Buyers Guide

Like buying your first computer, purchasing an HDTV is a large investment in entertainment for your entire family. Because of this, you will want to plan your purchase around your budget and needs. Our HDTV buyers guide will help you plan and choose the right HDTV for you and your family. First decide what your budget is, what type of HDTV you are interested in and how much space you have in the room you plan to place your new HDTV. Additional, you may need to factor in TV stands or wall mounts into your budget.

Type of HDTV to Choose

In regards to deciding on what type of HDTV to purchase, there are several to choose from. With this HDTV buyers guide you will find each main type listed below along with their pros and cons. For more detailed information, click on each link. You may also want to view our reviews and ratings on all HDTV types, brands and models or choose a review category from the navigation menu on the left.

CRT (Picture Tube) HDTV - The least expensive of all HDTVs, but max out to around 34" screen size. They are weight the most and more bulky. View our CRT Direct View HDTV reviews

CRT Rear Projection - Been around for years and usually the least expensive of all large screen HDTVs. But are also the largest when it comes to weight and thickness. View our CRT Rear Projection HDTV reviews

LCD Flat Panel Displays - The most expensive when compared to other types at same screen size. Because of this, they usually max out at around 52 ". They are however the thinnest of all HDTVs at comparable screen sizes and also provide one of the best quality images. View our LCD Flat Panel HDTV reviews

Plasma Flat Panel HDTVsl - The most expensive HDTV but are also the thinnest and lightest at very large screen sizes. View our Plasma Flat Panel HDTV reviews

LCD Rear Projection - Offers a nice quality image but are the second most expensive non flat panel HDTV set. They do not tend to downgrade to lower resolutions very well. View our LCD Projection HDTV reviews

DLP Rear Projection - Offers the best detailed and quality image, but is also the most expensive projection based HDTV. However, they tend to be not be as bulky or heavy as other rear projection sets. View our DLP HDTV reviews

What features to look for in an HDTV

This HDTV buyers guide would not be complete without a description and advice on deciding on the features for your new television. Once you have decided on your budget and which type of HDTV you like that fits into your budget, here are a few specifications and features to look for when deciding on a model to purchase:

HDTV Tuner - If you plan to watch HDTV programming broadcasted over the air from your local stations, you will need an HDTV Tuner. Some models do not include this built in so keep in mind that, if one is not built in, you will need to purchase an external tuner.If you only plan to watch HDTV from other devices such as a cable or a satellite set-top box from Dish Network or Direct TV then this may not be a need or important to you.

Advance Features
- Look for advance features such as 3D comb filters, improvements to signal clarity and contrast and features that improve or up convert low quality resolution signals such as normal analog television. Make sure the model of HDTV you plan to purchase has enough inputs for all the components and devices you plan to connect. You might consider a model that has at least 2 component, 2 DVI or HDMI and 3 or more S-Video or composite inputs. You will also want proper output connectors to a Home Theater system such as digital optical out.

Type of Audio System
- Unless you plan to attach a Home Theater Audio System, you will want to consider the type of audio system that is built in. Look for a model that not only has good reviews but that has some sort of virtual 3D (5.1) sound.

Weight and Size
- Find a model that will fit nicely in the room you plan to place it. If space is limited you will want to consider a type and model such as a Plasma Flat Panel HDTV. If a flat panel is not in your budget, a DLP or LCD Rear Projection set should be a good alternative.

Where to buy an HDTV

You can shop and purchase an HDTV at any electronics related retail store. However; for the largest selections to choose from and at much lower prices, I recommend purchasing online. Please visit the HDTV Reviews section of this web site. You will find editorial reviews and end user comments for all the popular brands and models on the market. After you have found a model that you like, you can click on the buy online button which will bring you to the highly rated online shop at the given online price. Because you will be purchasing online, there probably will be no tax. Some online shops may have special free shipping and installation promotions. You may also purchase online from retailers such as Circuit City with in-store pickup.

Recommend online retailers

Amazon.com - Amazon has one of the largest selections of HDTVs and components at the lowest prices. You will also find all components such as Home Theater Systems, DVD Players and more for all your HDTV needs.

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