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3D Televisions Soon to be Replaced by 4K

It seems like the rate of progress for television technology has been staggering in the last decade or so. It was not until after the millennium the DVD’s, an optical data storage method, finally overtook VHS tapes, a magnetic tape that holds the movies on spools. This new digital medium required televisions that displayed in […]

Building a Home Theater PC

Although you can purchase a pre-built home theater PC (HTPC) at retail computer stores, building your own home theater PC is the best bang for the buck.  Not only is building a home theater PC better on your wallet, it can also be a rewarding learning experience.  You will also be able to choose only the […]

HDMI vs Component - Which is best for HDTV?

I see the question, “Which is best HDMI or component video for HDTV?”, asked many times in forums and other places on the net.  The answer to that question is “well it depends”. Before I state in my opinion which is better, I should give a brief description for each.
An HDMI signal is a pure digital signal similar to […]