3D Televisions Soon to be Replaced by 4K

It seems like the rate of progress for television technology has been staggering in the last decade or so. It was not until after the millennium the DVD’s, an optical data storage method, finally overtook VHS tapes, a magnetic tape that holds the movies on spools. This new digital medium required televisions that displayed in “high definition” to get the best image possible. In the last few years 3D televisions became all the rage. Sitting in the living room with a big set of clunky frames on your noggin became “cool”? Well, maybe you missed out on that trend but don’t worry because there is a brand new TV technology rolling out onto electronics showroom floors right now. It is called 4k and has what is considered to be fine the finest picture to date.

This doesn’t mean to that you should start kicking your old TV to the curb just yet. If 3D printing is just getting off the ground surely we can squeeze some hours of entertainment out of these clunky, old dinosaurs. There are still options available for those looking to get a few more years out of their 3D sets. Also, if you happen to really enjoy the 3D experience and have been shopping the field you will be happy to know that content producers and providers have been busy increasing the offerings that are available. In fact, there are a number of channels to select from when you flick on your 3D TV right now so don’t get too bent out of shape regarding the impending 4K transition.

On DirecTV you can pick from a handful of 3D channels with eye popping programming that will transform you living room into the theater like experience you have always wanted. You can find special deals on channel packages using http://www.SaveonTVDirect.com when signing up for DirecTV. Whether you like movies, sports or special events tune in with 3D. ESPN 3D brings the action of all your favorite teams and competitive sporting programs into three dimensional life like no other. It is the next best thing to being there. If you like films and watch uninterrupted 3D visuals then check out DirecTV Cinema on channels 104 and 105. The partnership between Sony, Discovery, and IMAX has resulted in 3net, which programming options for your family. If that were not enough there is also n3D on Channel 103 that brings major studio productions into your home.

Hey, maybe you are an early adopter. You do not want to watch an old 3D TV because you know that 4K is coming down the pipeline fast. Well in that case here are some aspects you have to look forward to in your pursuit of the most cutting edge technology. Expect 8 mega pixels of data instead of the standard the prevailed before which was just 2 mega pixels. According to the specifics 4K televisions will be running at a resolution of 4096 x 2160 which is official Ultra HD. Right now these units are big bucks but as they grow in popularity the price will come down.


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